Merry Christmas!

Somehow you’ve reached the secret North Pole website. This site isn’t everyone — it is for Elves!

This is the North Pole’s working website. Santa has elves working in different roles all over the world. They come to this website to check in on the news at home, to get work assignments from the North Pole, and to report on their efforts for Santa. This is where the elf community gathers online!

We invite you to visit Santa’s public websites. They are: — News of Santa, the North Pole and all the elves year round — tracking Santa by Santa himself! — See the same map used at the North Pole Tracking Center

North Pole Flight Command Center — Click on this site to see the technical side of Santa’s flight — YOU can become an elf and track Santa FOR Santa

North Pole Post Office — Email Santa or connect with anyone you know at the North Pole

Jingle Kringle — When you need Santa, just Jingle Kringle

Call the North Pole